New years usually comes down to a bunch of new promises of changing. For the project series, I decided to focus on that sense of rebirth, pulling in geometric shapes with references to Mexican culture and balance. Each of the different forms highlight this sense of renewal, but have underlying tones of being fragmented too.

60 x 54 cm. Mixed Media Collage. 1 / 10
"Double Heads"
36 x 75 cm. Mixed Media Collage. 2/10
The idea of it coincides with the idea of rebirth. With one face looking forward and another face looking back.
"The Life of the Dead".
71 x 51 cm. Mixed Media Collage.
I got the title pulled from a quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero, this Roman Philosopher. It goes "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." On a slightly more jovial note, it beats calling this "Untitled".
52 x 24 cm. Mixed Media Collage. 4/10
I want to step into a bit more popping out geometric shapes, so we'll see what happens with that.

60 x 60 cm. Mixed Media Collage. 5/10
First attempt at a self portrait since the failure a few years back.
50 x 70 cm. Mixed Media. 6/10
I wanted to use triangles as the basis, to show how fragmentation occurs within a person's life. With the branches coming down from on top, to the vines coming from the subject's heart, the idea was to show a embattled person, fragmented within their own realities, as they are dealing with their own sickness.
20 x 30 cm. Mixed Media. 7/10
There is always a sense of duality to things. But for some people, the sense of duality comes down to one person. The partner worships the other, and the other worships themselves. It isn't something exactly wrong, as in there is a whole kind of bdsm that revolves around the worshiped and the worshiper. But there is always a flip-side that can be seen from the viewer's eye.
"Peut-être que je t'aime encore?"
50 x 70 cm. Mixed Media. 8/10
"But maybe I still love you?" I tried to depict a woman who was battling her own demons when it came to the relationship. On one side, her partner could have been cheating on her, or lying to her. The shapes represent how she looks back at her own self to the left, in previous instances in order to see where she missed it. Where she is flipped 180 degrees comes the notion that she questions her self and if this is the decision she really wants to make on the rise of the day after she found out.
"Smoke and Doctors"
35 x 35 cm. 9/10
One thing that people tend to do when coming up with their resolutions is decide that they want to quit. Quit smoking, get in better health, to immediately improve themselves. They would break down their own bodies into pieces and try to find out what's the best fit or the quickest path. And then the doctors could come in, for those who are worried about doing something without a second or a third opinion. And then you have those who appeal to their God on the last layer, as to wait for a miracle to happen.
50 x 70 cm. Mixed Media. 10/10
Something that came along with this sense of renewal was the blow that David Bowie died. As a child, I think Labrynth was one of my favorite movies. Later on in the years, I would watch as so many people would be affected by him, whether at the places I would hang out, or the people I would date. His music, film, the cultural references to him was deeply ingrained in who we are and who we were. So I wanted to make a tribute to him, the last piece of the rebirth set. 
There's a starman waiting in the sky,
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds.
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